The Little Gold Mini- Colin in cyberspace...


Colin's History

We are the 3rd owners of Colin. Colin was in one family, who looked after him very well, being kept in a clean garage and polished everyday. In this family, he was passed down to most of this family's memebers, right until about 1999, where he was owned by a Student who, looking at Colin's state since then, was badly thrashed about, perhaps raced in supermarket car parks. We the brought Colin in 2003, being the 3rd owner. We gave him a few tweeks that made him a mini that he was and gave him a good running around until late August 2008, when we knew that he wouldn't pass this M.O.T this time without major body repairs. He now sits in our garage, being worked on everyday. We hope that soon Colin can be restored back to his glimmering glory and rule the roads once again- very soon!

Colin on one of his very first runs out with us.

I still have my 'L's on here- this shows that it was in the early days of Colin in our ownership This picture was taken at Washstones, Near Melton Mowbray.

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