The Little Gold Mini- Colin in cyberspace...


Infomation On Colin

Mini: Mayfair

Colour: Cashmere Gold

Present Owner: Linda Bailey

Year Made: 1984

Owners: 3

Year we brought him: 2003

Lives in: East Leake at the moment in the garage

Why called 'Colin'?: Was the name that has been passed down with the car, named after the very first owner.

Reason I bought Colin: I was looking for a car to use for my first year of driving on the road, whilst taking driving lessons. In 2004, I successfully passed my driving test and was straight out and away with Colin. We went everywhere in Colin; he wasn't just a car for shows and to show off- just a everyday car to get me from A to B. I was oringnally going to keep Colin for my first year of driving and go for a modern car after that. But, Colin just grew on on us all. Colin was all over the place , going everywhere, enjoying blasting up the motorway, reving him up the hills to Crich Mini Meet, teering around Silverstone on the Mini 45 Cavalcade and enjoying more Mini fans. Now, Colin sits in the garage, being worked on by all three of us daily. Its the de-rusting process- the wings, the 'A' panels, the rear wheel arches, the front panel, the boot, the front drivers foot panel and the suspension. We hope to get Colin back on the road for mini 50 celebrations, but the job is getting longer as more is found to be wrong and rusty.

Special Features: Colin is not in his normal Mayfair trim; he's been made to look a bit like a cooper with the black strips and crome bumpers. It is the Mini Piccadily that was mainly in the colour of Cashmere Gold- Cashmere Gold Mini Mayfairs are fairly rare. 

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